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Welcome to Porto

There is something unique about the character of our city. Whether you are Portuguese and visiting, or from any other part of the world, Porto has something for every single one of you.
Considered a gloomy and grey city, it has been brought to life these past few years, much due to turism. Our local economy has grown exponencially to provide more experiences of our culture. Here is a sneak peek into Europe’s best hidden treasure (in our humble opinion!).

But don’t let us sway your opinion, come on over and see for yourself!

What to visit

Porto has something for all of us. Whether you are passionate about conservative and classical architecture or modern buildings, or just want to enjoy some Sun and good wine, we have it all scattered around town.
From out of this world train stations, to a controversial Music House , we have it all. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Ribeira, seen from Vila nova de Gaia - Rui Pinheiro

The riverside is the home of many of Porto’s most native people and has a breathtaking view of the Douro river.

Here you can have a relaxed lunch, a seven bridge cruise – where you sail in a typical boat that used to transport Port wine barrels -, or you can walk to Vila Nova de Gaia and enjoy our cascading landscape and Port Wine Cellars.

You also have the beautiful Palácio da Bolsa and the Alfândega building, which usually carries very interesting exhibits. Don’t forget to visit World of Discoveries – a theme park about the Age of Discoveries and the role of Portugal in those days.


The epicentre of our city is where we have the most to offer.

We have a once upon a time elite café called Café Majestic, the world’s most beautiful train station Estação de São Bento – that some of you might get to experience in one of our courses -, Clérigos’ Tower, our Town Hall, the most magical bookstore in the world – Livraria Lello, that inspired the magical staircases of the world of Harry Potter -, the heart of our nightlife, and plenty of places to eat good food and enjoy some good wine or just a pint of beer – you should definitely try the Francesinha, but it is not for the faint of heart!

Casa da Música - Wojtek Gurak
Some other places
Casa da Música

A bit farther, but still just a metro ride away, you have Casa da Música. It was designed by dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and has been acclaimed internationally due to it’s innovative and “out-of-the-box” shape.
It has excellent acoustics and it is one of the places some of you might get to experience during our courses.

Foz do Douro

“Where the river meets the sea”, Foz has three beaches accredited with the seal of environmental quality – Foz, Gondarém and Homem do Leme.
It is a beautiful place to take a stroll at the end of the day.


Whether you prefer to stay close to our facilities or want to experience a little bit of Porto’s daily life, we have suggestions for all of you.
Don’t worry if any of our suggestions don’t fit your taste or needs, please feel free to look around for any other accomodation. We are always here to help you along the way.

Hotel Ibis Porto São João

This hotel is the nearest one to our campus.  It is a very simple hotel, near the metro IPO station, with the basic ammenities. It has a parking lot, wifi and allows online check-in.

Hotel Axis: Porto Business & Spa Hotel

This hotel is a little bit farther away from our campus, but it is still a part os the Asprela Campus. It is a more complete hotel, and can provide other types of accomodations and experiences.

Hotel Carrís Porto Ribeira

The Carrís hotel is located in the Ribeira area, thus provides more that just accomodation. It has lot’s of restaurants in it’s surroundings and is near downtown, allowing you to enjoy more of the city.

This hotel may not be the farthest one from us, but it is the one with less means of public transportation. You either hop on a bus to Trindade Metro Station or walk up Mouzinho da Silveira street and hop on the metro at São Bento Metro Station.

Hotel da Música

This design hotel offers a different experience from our other suggestions. It is a themed hotel due to its close proximity to Casa da Música. It is located inside the Bom Sucesso Market and has lots of eating options around and inside the hotel.

It is just a Metro ride away from us – you can reach the Metro at the Casa da Música Metro Station.