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Educational and Pediatric Audiology

Analysing and compreehending the consequencies of deafness in educational contexts and in small children may be the answer to these students’ problems.

By transmiting core concepts involving academic achievement in students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, and understanding the effects that classroom acoustics may have on these people, may be the key to better understand their academic course. By training you in hearing screening programs, hearing loss prevention programes and diagnostic evaluation protocols we aim to minimize the differences between sudents with hearing problems and those who have no difficulties with hearing.

In a pediatric context, we will be doing a universal neonatal screening through an analysis of otoacoustic emissions, protocol standards and procedures and referrals.

Expected course date: 10th & 11th September 2018

Course duration: 2 days

Maximum number of registrations: 12 participants

Lecturers: Ana Catarina Antunes Barbosa and David Tomé

Price: Early bird registration (until 29th June): 100€ (lunch included); Until 31st August: 125€ (lunch included)

Course Programme