II International Meeting of Medical Technology and Healthcare Business iTech role & challenges in Medicine

Type of Course:Outro
Hours of Course:11h
Minimum Number of Participants:12

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Technical-Scientific Areas

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Healthcare technology trends continue to drive growth in the medical industry. It encompasses a wide range of healthcare solutions and devices for early and rapid diagnosis, minimally invasive treatments, digitised healthcare and care and delivery solutions. These trends have a variety of stakeholders: patients, medical professionals, researchers, medical students, and consumers. Although several medical technologies have been around since decades and are in the continuous process of development, some latest technologies are changing the way medicine would be practiced in the future. This meeting will provide to healthcare students and professionals an overview of the current iTech trends and challenges in Medicine. Take a look to the current state of healthcare application development in this event. Can’t skip fusing medicine and technology!

Friday, May 3rd

8:30 Meeting registration

9:15 Opening and welcome

9:45 Session I | E-Health: trends and challenges


11:20 Session II | Industry Symposiums I

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Session III | iTech in Medicine


16:00 Session IV | Oral Sessions I

17:30 Session VI | Industry Symposiums II

18:45 Closing session

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